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PostSubject: -FREE ADVERTISING!   Wed Mar 17, 2010 9:48 pm


Join our friendly advertising forum that ensure your forum will hit a higher mark and a whole new level when your advertise!

We started our board officially on 15 January 2010. And after only 1 month, we have 141 members already!

Our latest achievement is buying our domain! Which is now available @

We offer friendly and awesome services such as Packages, Topic Ads, Toolbar Ads, Reviews, SOTW, Banner Jumble, Link Jumble and many many more! All as low as 10 BoilingPoints! BoilingPoints can be earned easily just by posting!

Latest news--> We have free packages up for grab! You can request it weekly!

Last but not least, we're gonna share a little interview!

Forum Interview

1. Why did you start Advertise Hotspot?
Answer: I often see forums lack of members and posts. I know that everyone would love to have more members and posts in! So i decided, what the hey? Why not help members and grow great relationships with them at the same time?

2. What types of forums can we expect to discuss in?Answer: You have millions! From, General Discussions to Forum Games, there's nothing you will be short of! You can give us feedbacks, suggestions and even complaints! We'll attend to your needs as soon as possible!

3. Why would someone choose your forum to go to rather than another?
Answer: Our forum is a very friendly community. If you refuse to join, thats your lost! We started on 15 January 2010 and look at that! Within one month, we have 100 members! Why not try something different?

4. What software do you run, and do you ever plan on switching?
Answer: Phpbb. We're not planning to switch it yet. But maybe in the near future.

5. Do you plan on adding new features?
Answer: Definitely! We have 9 services as of 27th February 2010 and we're still coming up with more! So dont just expect new members in your forum, expect better and more features in the forum!

6. Do you believe the forum is doing well?
Answer: Yes! We're a growing forum that is doing perfectly well. But our activity is'nt that good yet. But i'm sure, it will be much better in the near future!

Additional Info:

Board Started on: 15 January 2010
Category: Advertising
Forum Link:
Current state: Active
Activity: Total posts 3000++ Members: 124
Goal: We provide the best services for you and your site! Advertise your stuffs here at Advertise Hotspot and receive immediate and effective results! We help our members like you and i to advertise your sites and products and build a better partnership with each and every site! We also provide help with your site.

Page Fully Written By: Joel

Join us and many doors will open for your forum/site or even product! Dont hesitate! JOIN US TODAY!
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PostSubject: ..   Sun Mar 21, 2010 2:40 pm

No we wont, go away n00b.
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